Search Engine Optimization

LOGIC COMPONENT # 1: Search Engines were originally created to enhance the quality of the Internet information gathering process, they were conceived as devices to enable cyber citizens to fast track their way to the exact data they required, to think globally and act locally.

LOGIC COMPONENT # 2: Search Engines are maintained by highly intelligent human beings who value the integrity and the quality of the mechanism they have created for global information dissemination.

LOGIC COMPONENT # 3: Search Engines were not created to enhance the market share or multimedia profile of a reality business enterprise and they were not created to be the easy way to amassing a commercial fortune of BillGatesian proportions.

Ever since the Million Webpage Creation per Hour threshold was passed and the total of web sites exceeded 10 billion in early 2002 it has become increasingly difficult for every new web site to be indexed by the "major search engines" and even more difficult to propel a new site into the top 100.

Approximately 99.96% of all Internet Sales start with a Search Engine query, (0.04% of internet sales are generated by sending bulk emails) what this means is that everyone who finds your site using a Search Engine is 'virtually guaranteed' to become a customer because they were specifically looking for information pertaining to your product, goods or services. The virtual guarantee, in case you are wondering, is that people who use the Internet as part of their 'pre-purchase research' are virtually guaranteed to be the most educated consumers to yet evolve on planet earth and you can virtually guarantee that if the web site they find is not the most competitive and informative in it's field, they will assume that your products are likewise inferior and take their business where ever quality dictates.

Search Engines use a wide array of constantly changing factors to "rank" web sites and the most important and measurable of all factors is how long a website has consistently been serving quality information. Other major factors include the number of external links to a website and the use of text lexicon algorithms to determine how closely matched a web site is to the "search parameters".

What this means in lay mans terms is that unless you have been a quality component of the Internet for several years and have lots of other web sites "validating" your status as a quality domain of unique and ever changing information, you are going to find it very expensive to conform to the requirements of the major search engines and even more time consuming to earn your way to the top of the hit parade.

The main question you should be asking yourself right now is "are there any short cuts?" and the short answer to that is an emphatic YES, there is a short cut.

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HISTORICAL NOTE: rebelart has been indexed by search engines since 1995.

The major search engines that powwwer the Cyber-Pod are About, AltaVista, AOL Netfind, Ask Jeeves, c|net, Direct Hit, Dogpile, EuroFerret, EuroSeek, Excite, FAST (All the Web, All the Time), HotBot, Google, GoTo, Infoseek (Go Network), LookSmart, Lycos, Magellan, Mamma, MetaCrawler (Go2Net), MSN (Microsoft Network), NBCi (formerly Snap), Netscape Search, Northern Light, PlanetSearch, SavvySearch, WebCrawler and Yahoo.